The 5 Best Beds for Multi-Purpose Bedrooms

First added 21st June 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

4 min read

From studios to bedroom offices to home gyms, multi-purpose bedrooms are becoming more and more popular. That makes it important to understand what bed will best suit your space and where to place it. Here we explore a range of space-saving beds to help you maximise floor space and make the most of your bedroom – whatever you plan to use it for.

The 5 Best Beds for Multipurpose Bedrooms to Save Space

From small double beds to divans with plenty of storage, here we identify the best beds to help you make the most out of a multi-purpose bedroom.

1. Small Double Beds

Small double beds are great space-savers if you share a bed with your partner but need extra space for other activities, hobbies, or bedroom furniture.

Not only do they increase floor space, but they provide you and your sleeping partner with enough room to pleasantly sleep the night away. Rather than taking up the whole room with a king-size bed, a small double bed allows room for an office desk, yoga mat, spin-bike, or whatever else you need the space for.

A small double measures approximately 4ft wide and 6ft 3in long. As they are slightly smaller than your average double bed, they're the ideal space-saving bed solution. Our small double bed range starts at just £179, providing excellent value for money if you are looking for a budget bed.

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2. Space-saving Storage Beds & Divan Beds

Space-saving storage beds are perfect for small rooms, especially those which are multi-functional. This is because they provide built-in bed storage to store away your belongings, opening up the rest of the room to its other purpose.

There are two main types of storage beds to look out for when looking for a bed for your multipurpose bedroom: ottomans and divans.

Divan beds provide storage for dual-purpose bedrooms via drawers in the base of the bed. The drawers act as excellent space savers as they can prevent the need for a bulky chest-of-drawers or extra wardrobe.

If you are using your bedroom as a gym, you could store your gym equipment away in the bed drawers. Or for bedroom offices, you can hide any work-related documents or equipment such as laptops in the bed base. This will not only help you to create space when you're not working from home but help create a tranquil sleeping environment by decreasing bedroom clutter.

Divan beds come in a variety of sizes, from single through to king-size. Browse our divan beds range now.

4. Single Beds

Our fourth best bed for multi-purpose bedrooms is a single bed. If you're living independently and do not require a double bed, why not save masses of bedroom space and opt for a single bed. Or perhaps your multi-purpose room is just a guest room and you don't necessarily need space for more than the odd guest, either way, you or your guests will still have a restful night's sleep while opening up an abundance of floor space for alternative purposes.

Single beds are also perfect if you need to fit two beds in one bedroom. They typically measure 3ft in width by 6ft 3inches in length, making them a great bed solution for shared bedrooms. When space is limited, fitting two beds in one bedroom can be a challenge, especially if you have other furniture in the room. This is why we recommend a storage single bed to increase the resources to store items.

5. Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are also great for multi-purpose rooms. Especially if that room has the dual purpose of providing guests with both space to sleep at night and to relax during the day. And remember: sofa beds are ideal for occasional visitors as you don’t want to waste bedroom space on a huge bed that only gets used three times a year.

Whether for a spare bedroom, living room or open plan lounge and dining space, a sofa bed will help make the most of tight spaces, offering an extra purpose to the room in which its placed and providing a comfortable place for guests to rest their head.

For further help and advice on the best beds for multipurpose bedrooms, you can always contact our customer service team. We can help you find your perfect bed and mattress.


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