How to Decorate Your Student Room on a Budget

First added 20th August 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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If you’re a student moving into university accommodation, you may need some interior design inspiration. We get it, you want to make your new bedroom Instagram-worthy without spending a large chunk of your student loan. So, here we will share some of our simple tips for decorating your uni room on a budget. To help you create the perfect sleep and study space.

Add Lamps and Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a fun and easy must-have for any student room! They are such a simple and inexpensive way to make your space snug and inviting, with each pair costing roughly £3. Even if you don't have many plug sockets, most fairy lights are battery-driven, so you can hang them around the entire bedroom.

You can also invest in some cheap lamps for your bedside tables or study desk. They will provide a warm light, helping create a calm atmosphere. Whether you’re reading, writing an essay, or relaxing watching your favourite film, they will make you feel cosy.

Add Colour with Creative Bedding

Your bedroom is a place to unwind, study, and even hang around with friends. Therefore, it’s important you create a space where you feel both comfortable when going to sleep and when relaxing with your uni friends. Go for something fun and bright that shows off your personality.

Don’t forget the basics! To help you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need some bedding – a duvet and pillows. Plus, it's also a good idea when moving into student accommodation to buy a mattress protector. If your bed and mattress are included in your student room, protect them at all costs to make sure you get your full deposit back at the end of the year.

Personalised Pin Boards

A pin board is a cheap way to add personality to your room. You could fill it with motivational quotes, pictures of family and friends, and anything you want to remind you of home. Plus, it can be used to help you stay productive, reminding you of key things like deadlines and reading lists.

Pin boards are great because they can also be used to add colour and style to a room. When you move into student accommodation, you need to be conscious of the décor choices you make. You can’t make any drastic changes to the room's design, as you could lose your deposit. But a pin board will allow you to add your own stamp without causing a permanent change.


Quirky Wall Hangings

If you’re not happy with the colour scheme of your student room when you move in, a cheap way to change it is to cover the walls with wall hangings. There are many rules and regulations when living in student accommodation that may prevent you from painting the walls. Again, this is a fantastic way to add your style to a space without making permanent changes.


Add Pops of Green with Houseplants

If you're a student who loves being close to nature, a brilliant uni room idea is to purchase some houseplants. Or artificial plants if you're not confident you'll remember to water a real plant. Nevertheless, even the dreariest of rooms can always benefit from the addition of house plants, real or artificial. They also have a surprising number of health benefits, such as cleaning the air and improving your concentration whilst studying. Choose some lovely, unusual pots as well, and place them around your bedroom to bring them to life.

Get Creative with Storage Solutions

When space is limited in student rooms, you’ll need to get creative with storage ideas. Simple changes can make your existing storage more effective and look more organised and appealing. For example, dividers can be utilised to make the most out of a chest of drawers. And cheap storage containers can be used to fill with your belongings. They can be neatly stored away in wardrobes and under beds. It's essential you have a de-cluttered space to make sure you’re most productive when revising.

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Pretty and Productive Study Spaces

Another fantastic decorating tip for your student room is to create a rewarding study desk. Sometimes, studying in the library is loud and overwhelming making it hard to concentrate. When you have a big assignment due, you’re going to need a place where you can go to do your work in peace. This is why we highly advise decorating a desk so that is both calming and inspiring.

Try adding photo frames of your loved ones, a comfy chair, notepads, stationery, and a place to put your favourite books. You could even hang a motivational poster above your desk to remind you that no matter what challenges university brings – you can do it!

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