Easy Design Ideas for a Child’s Room

First added 25th June 2021

By Shannan Humphrey

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Planning a child’s bedroom requires plenty of forward-thinking. Good storage, multi-functional furniture, and imaginative décor are all key. In this article, we have put together a list of easy design ideas for kids' bedrooms. Have fun with these simple but creative ideas which are bound to impress your little one – and hopefully, make them fall in love with bedtime!

1. Add a Splash of Colour

Have fun with pops of neon colour in a playroom or bedroom. If you're worried about painting an entire wall a bright colour, you can create random shapes or patterns on a plain wall using masking tape. Pick colours to match accessories such as shelves or storage units to help create a fun, stylish, and cohesive design.

You can also break up a monochrome room with bursts of colour. A monochrome scheme can be completed with splashes of your child's favourite colour and it is easy to update the look if they change their style as they grow up. This can be done with bursts of colour that match or contrast with your little one's furniture. For example, if your child loves pink, consider a statement wall in a similar tone. And if you're redecorating the room in full, don't forget to check out our range of pink beds.

When choosing wallpaper in a kid's room it can be tempting to go straight for a cute animal design or elaborate floral print. While these will still look gorgeous, your child will grow out of them and change their style. Going for something more subtle and adding some colour will last them right from their time in a cot until they're leaving for university. And even if you do want to redecorate, it's much easy to repaint than it is to strip an entire room of wallpaper.

Another easy way to add colour in your kid's bedroom is with colourful blinds to brighten up their room. There are many colour choices to choose from but more importantly, blinds are a marvellous alternative to curtains as they make it easier to control light levels. They're also much easier to clean than curtains or shutters.

2. Wall Décor

If you are looking for a way to jazz up a plain bedroom, consider adding wall décor. For your little princess why not create a butterfly wall? You can do this really easily too. Simply cut out butterfly shapes from coloured cards or buy some décor butterflies to place around the room.

Another option is going for the classic star pattern. Simply place the stickers around the top of each wall or even dot them across the ceiling to replicate a stunning night-time sky. Other wall décor ideas include posters of your child’s favourite movie, animals, music, etc. Adding wall décor can be an easy but timeless design idea that brings some creativity into your child’s room.

3. Embrace a Theme

Kids often change their minds but sometimes you can’t beat a good bedroom theme. This can be their favourite movie, colour, or place. Popular themes include fairytales, superheroes, racing, sports and plenty more. A real classic, especially for toddlers and younger ones, is the jungle theme. To make the jungle come to life, add wallpaper, paint trees, or even add real indoor plants to give it that final touch of realism.

4. Create Space with a Bed

If your child's bedroom isn't that big, make sure there is plenty of space for them to play with a high-rise bed. These style beds help maximise space but also create a cosy hideaway. Add some cushions and a throw underneath the bunk and your little ones will never want to leave!

Another easy way to create more space in your kid’s bedroom is by choosing a storage bed for their resting place. With under bed drawers or ottoman storage spaces, these are great for smaller rooms and help you maximise floor space.

We also suggest small double beds for bigger kids where space in their room is at a premium. These beds are slightly narrower than a double, which means more space opens up for desks, cupboards and so on. These beds are also a great investment as you won’t need to replace a smaller bed as your child gets older. See our space saving beds.

5. Work Hard & Play Hard with a Desk

A desk adds storage and organisation to your youngster's room. It also gives young students the right environment to complete homework or revision, especially as they often come with plenty of storage space for books and notepads. Cubby holes within the desks create a fun yet stimulating workplace and help them keep on top of their work. This also separates work from play, so they have a place to relax away from homework.

6. Add Light

Adding extra light in the room is an easy way to enhance the design of your child’s room. With various lampshades that decorate the room, you can easily change the theme. Instead of settling for a dull generic tabletop desk lamp, why not go for a big and fun adjustable one? Lamps and lights are available in all different shapes and sizes and make impressive room features.

A fabulous alternative to a bedside lamp is fairy lights. They are a cool way to add to the design of a bedroom and are especially popular with older kids and teenagers. Stringing fairy lights across the wall helps create a relaxing atmosphere but be sure to read all safety instructions and keep them away from anything flammable. From copper cages to paper lanterns, fairy lights come in many shapes and sizes and are great for lighting up a bedroom.

7. Creating Fun Wall Storage

You can design a child-friendly wall gallery by hanging plastic or wooden frames without the glass. Your kids can fill the frames with whatever their heart desires. One week it could be full of their favourite small toys and the next it could be their artwork. For an easy shortcut, try fixing some string from one side of the wall to other. Add a few wooden pegs and your little one can hang cards, postcards, and photographs 'til their heart's content!

Another idea is attaching a few old wooden crates to the wall for a place to keep books and toys. You can also paint them yourself to match their room. Or make a project out of it and let your kids get involved.

8. Smart and Open Storage Systems

Open storage is an excellent way to keep a bedroom looking neat and tidy. It will allow your kids to find the toy they are looking for, without asking for your help every five minutes. Go for simple shelving, box shelves, and deep floor boxes to keep clutter at bay. Peg rails and hangings on the wall are also very handy when it comes to keeping gym bags and musical instruments off the floor.

You can also mastermind a smart storage system by labelling drawers and baskets with what goes in each one to help keep the room organised. This is especially good for playrooms as well as bedrooms.

You could also use similar systems to help your little ones organise their clothes. This could be either by type of clothing or by day of the week. Either way, it will make sure they know what they are wearing ahead of time.

Want more space-saving ideas? Read Crafty Ideas To Save Space In Your Bedroom. And finally, if you’re looking for a bed for you or your kids newly designed bedroom, check out our beds and find your little one a perfect new style.


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