The Best Beds for Studio and City Apartments

First added 15th June 2021

By Lewis Ridley

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For some, getting a larger (or even a normal sized) bed might not be an option. You might live in a studio, flat, or city apartment, unable to fit a conventional bed no matter how much you move around. If this sounds a lot like your situation, we’re here to help. There are plenty of bed and mattress sets or space saving bed options to suit the needs of any sized room, no matter the accommodation you live in.

In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the best beds for studio apartments and city accommodation. On completion, you’ll have a good idea of how you can use your smaller space to your advantage.

How to Choose the Best Bed for a Studio Apartment

When it comes to choosing the best bed for a city apartment, opting for something that is compact and flexible is a good way to go. Below, you’ll find 5 different bed options that will suit a smaller flat perfectly.


Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are the kings of storage. If you’re struggling for space and are unable to add any more storage to a room, ottoman beds come in handy. These beds have built‐in storage, either via lifting the entire mattress or small draws on the side. This enables you to have an additional piece of furniture to store items. If you opt for an ottoman which lifts from the mattress, you can store your entire wardrobe inside. Talk about efficient!

Ottoman beds come in all size options. So, you don’t have to be scared off if you’re concerned about getting a double bed in your studio apartment. They come in a range of styles and can suit the needs of any city flat. It’s for all these reasons we think ottoman beds are one of the best beds for studio apartments.

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Small Double Beds

A small double bed also known as a queen size bed is the perfect bed size for a studio apartment. Especially, for living spaces short of space as they are slightly smaller than a double bed. This makes them the ideal space saver, creating more floor space to move around. And, of course your comfort will not be compromised so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep living in the city.

If you liked the idea of an ottoman bed to keep your flat de-cluttered, small double beds come in a range of storage styles. From ottoman to divan bases, you’ll be sure to find a bed type to suit your storage requirements.

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Sofa Beds

Sofa beds make for another clever space saver. If you’re struggling for space in your city apartment, why not get a sofa and a bed combined? Not only can they be incredibly comfy, but they’re practical too. You could have a sofa bed or chair bed in the living room, and when its time to sleep, simply pop out the bed, throw some covers on and you’re good to go. They also make for fantastic guest beds if you don’t have a spare room for when friends stay over.

Sofa beds come in a range of designs and colours, so if interior design is a focus, you needn’t worry. They can align with any style or vibe you’re trying to present. If you’re looking for the ultimate combo of comfort and practicality, sofa beds should 100% be a top choice for studio apartment dwellers.


Loft Beds

Thirdly, loft beds can make for an excellent bed for studio and city apartments. For those who don’t know what these are, they’re essentially bunk beds for adults. How cool is that? For those of us who had bunk beds when we were younger, who knew they were available for adults as well? Loft beds rise from the floor and balance using four pillars, supporting the bed. This elevation allows beds to have storage underneath, including the likes of desks, TVs, chest of draws, and much more. You could essentially have an entirely different room under a loft bed, making them incredibly efficient for studio apartments, especially smaller ones.

And for the record, you can get to the bed either by ladder or steps. So, if you’re coming in later, you don’t need to worry about falling off and hurting yourself! Loft beds are one of the best options for city flats and studio apartments. You should definitely be adding these to your bed hunt.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are unique in that they actually come out of the wall or a fixture if you want to sleep on them. These beds are excellent for saving space and can be neatly tucked away when you don’t need them. Murphy beds also are great for guest beds if you have someone staying over. For the record, these beds fold out of the wall when they’re needed. When you’re done sleeping, you lift them up and tuck them back in. This might sound like a slog but it’s very easy to do and requires little effort. The only real problem with murphy beds is that they may require you to change your unit. They may need to be built into a cupboard or fixture on the wall, and not everyone has the rights to make those kinds of changes to their apartment. Additionally, make sure nothing is in front of the murphy bed when it comes down. You’ll need to keep the space in front clear of furniture and items. You don’t want anything getting squished!

Tri-Fold Mattress

Inspired from Japan, the tri‐fold mattress is a compact and effective way to get a bed into your studio and city apartment without taking up too much floor space. If you don’t mind not having a bed frame or a conventional bed, this bed might be right up your alley. The tri‐fold bed folds up into three blocks that can be placed in a cupboard or folded next to a wall. When you want to use them as a bed, you simply fold out the blocks and they create a bed. It’s that simple. They’re a modern method to saving space in small flats and can come in a range of colours and materials. As they fold up, they can also be changed into a chair or a back rest. It’s safe to say they’re a flexible piece of furniture.

However, although they’re cheap and flexible, they’re not suited for couples. If you’re sharing a bed with another person, it would be best to view other options, such as the ones above.


If you live in a small apartment or flat, especially a studio, finding a bed to match the available space can be a burden. Fortunately, there are practical options available that can make city apartment feel a little more spacious. Evaluate the options above and choose the best bed for you and your needs.

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